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As an educational consultant, I work with students individually, focusing on school success and  career decisions serving students in grades 8-12 and young adult. My services focus on academic achievement, success in the classroom, career explorational and next steps after high school.

I work with students on the continuum of guidance related tasks: transitioning between grades, study skills applied to course expectations, planning and self-evaluating progress, exploring career paths, helping students create resumes, choosing college majors, college or post high school training searches, the college visit and application process, financial aid and scholarships, and I provide support to parents in supporting their student and navigating public education.

What Happy Students & Parents say about College Planning

"Thank you so much for all the time and patience you have given me throughout the years. As I enter the big push to get into college, I have never more appreciated your expertise. Your concise and relevant suggestions concerning parts of my application have been extremely helpful."

- Catherine

What Happy Students & Parents say about Career Cruising

" I learned that there are a lot of options."

- Kaylyn - Sophmore

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